About the project

In the project  “MiReBooks” a series of virtual and augmented reality-based (Mixed Reality, MR) interactive mining handbooks will be produced  as a new digital standard for higher mining education throughout Europe. Many current challenges in mining education will be confronted in an innovative way, by combining classical paper-based teaching materials with MR materials and their transformation into  pedagogically and didactically coherent MR handbooks  for integrative classroom use. The approach will be used in the future also in other disciplines. With MiReBooks the way of teaching will change as instructors will be able to engage their students in a more effective way and offer them an enriched content repertoire as well  as an increased comprehension opportunity.

The array of possible industrial mine environment examples that students can be immersed into becomes endless and thus the industry will receive graduates that are familiarized in-depth with a holistic view  on the industrial context. Students will enter the job market skilled as digital natives and highly influence the way the industry will work and develop in this way in the future. Mixed Reality is certainly a most promising way to  enable  users to make the most of their  learning  experience  and  thus  leverage the improvement of operational efficiencies and innovation.

Technically, the MiReBooks-assisted lectures will include Smartphones with a special App that allows  the  students  to  trigger  additional information from augmented illustrations within the MiReBooks textbooks. In addition, virtual reality goggles allow them to immerse into a virtual mining environment/3D-filmed sequence of a real mine process.